Day 3

Make a pinecone or toilet paper roll bird feeder

This is such a fun and easy activity to do with your kids and you get the joy of watching your feather friends enjoy your gift! Squirrels love this feeder too!
Supplies: Pinecone or toilet paper roll, bird seed, peanut butter, string or yarn.
Step 1: Cut the string to the length you desire and then slip it through the toilet roll or paper or wind it around the top of the pine cone and under the scales. 
Step 2: Put the peanut butter in a bowl. Spread over the toilet roll or pine cones until it is completely covered.
Step 3: Put some bird see in a shallow baking pan. Roll your pine cones or toilet roll over the seed until they are completely coated in seed.
Step 4: Hang your creations! Place somewhere that you can enjoy the feast from a window.
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Jingles Fact Of The Day:

In 2020, the Food Bank has observed a 25% increase in demand for emergency food services compared to last year.